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Parque Alto Palguín



The Parque Alto Palguin represents the concept of sharing with pure nature, nature in its original form has much to give and show, moving us in this landscape brings us closer to our roots and balances us





The Park offers:

  • 2 small waterfalls and the fall "El Puma" from the top..
  • well marked pathst through the jungle for  1 ½ - 5 hrs.
  • Picnic sites with the possibility of campfire.
  • Adventure games, like water slide, canopy for children, Tarzan swing type, etc.
  • Horse riding for children and adults
  • Different types of flora and fauna typical of the  Valdivian temperate forest.
  • large Carved Figures
  • a small lake to take a bath
  • Sale of plots


2.500 pesos, adults
2.000 pesos, children to 14 years.


With the entry you support the  Palguín alto Park project. The "Parque Alto Palguin" is a private park, but open to the public, is designed to develop the knowledge of our nature. (IX. Reg)

Open: Nov. - Mayo de las 09 hrs. - 20 hrs.
The location is in Palguín Alto (32 km from Pucon), at the foot of volcano Quetropillan, 3 km from the Thermal bath of Palguín and 1 km from Salto El León at a height of 850 m (snow in wintertime).


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